Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith is a UK Contemporary Art Jeweller, who graduated in 2010 with an MA in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products from the School of Jewellery, Birmingham, UK.

Since then she has continued to make and exhibit work internationally. The highlight so far being selected to exhibit at ‘Schmuck 2011’, which was part of the 63rd International Trade Fair in Munich, Germany. In 2012 she co-curated her first art jewellery exhibition, ‘Donning Oxford’ at the O3 Gallery, Oxford. She has also worked as a Visiting Tutor at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham, UK.

Natalie’s work explores the ideas of growth, transformation and disintegration. She finds inspiration in surrealist science fiction, which is rich in atmosphere and imagery. Many of the books describe apocalyptic landscapes and alternate worlds that are on the brink of geographical catastrophes. In these dramatic dreamscapes there are no utopias, emphasis is placed on mental explorations and evocative journeys of the isolated humans.

She creates pieces by combining permanent and temporary materials such as textiles and sugar. Smith likes the pieces to have a constantly changing structure and once completed, they begin their transient lives. Depending on how they are cared for they may dissolve in humid conditions, change colour or melt like an ice-lolly on a hot day revealing the materials underneath. The evolution of the work is something that interests her greatly. She does not attempt to try and control what happens to the pieces after they are finished.